Andrea Lauer is a costume/set/production designer, stylist, creative technologist and artist based in NYC. She uses the language of clothing, textiles, and technology, often by collaging multiple forms and applications to convey meaning and story into every project. With an extensive portfolio ranging from Broadway to the Grammy Awards, she boasts an impressive list of over fifty national and international production credits, including rock and roll tours, music videos, and award shows. Andrea’s diverse skill set and boundless creativity have made her a highly sought-after and renowned designer in the entertainment industry.

Her talents extend beyond the stage and screen; Andrea has lent her styling expertise to numerous fashion shoots, with her work featured in the pages of publications like Vogue, Rolling Stone, Interview, Nylon, Paper, and OUT magazine. 

Leading musicians and artists alike have entrusted Andrea to craft their signature looks for prestigious events, including the Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, TED Talks (where she has even delivered her own talk), international music tours, and various renowned stages worldwide.

In addition to her work in costume design and styling, Andrea Lauer is the Founder and Creative Director of RISEN DIVISION, a sustainable fashion brand that exalts the artistry and innovation of the jumpsuit. Beyond the realm of fashion, she has leveraged her talents as an innovation consultant and merchandise designer across diverse fields including sports, medicine and science.

What truly sets Andrea apart is her unique fusion of artistic and technical abilities, coupled with a forward-thinking mindset and a proclivity for research. Her pioneering work in the intersection of fashion and technology has garnered her prestigious accolades, including the NYU Future Imagination Research Grant, the MIT Director’s Fellowship, Pioneer Works Science Residency, the New Lab Residency, and the esteemed spot of Randi Zuckerberg’s Innovation list of 52 Women in 52 Weeks.