From Above, the Cinderella Effect

Source material: NASA (globular cluster Boötes Constellat1on)

Inspired by the Boötes Constellation, coined by Homer in the Odyssey was often associated with animals and used as a celestial reference point for navigation. The rich history and mythologies that developed around its contents recalled another myth of the magpie that is drawn to shiny objects. I combined these two ideas to explore the way storytelling influences our understanding of the world whether true or false.  In this piece, I imagined what bird migration might look if viewed by one of the many Greek gods which were thought to be turned into a star to forever live and create the constellations that today contain our fourth brightest star in the night sky. 

Source material: NASA of the globular cluster in the Boötes Constellat1on.
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Emilie Baltz // DKNY x NEW INC: The Wrap

“Wrap: An Underground Show, Above”

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